The project follows the SemVer standard to make using the library easy

SemVer uses the MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH notation to identify changes with MAJOR representing breaking changes that are not backwards compatible, MINOR representing new features / non-breaking additions and PATCH representing fixes.

It is also a requirement to use Semantic commits as each tag will translate to a different type of version upgrade. For example:

  • fix for bug fixes (patch version)
  • perf for performance improvements (patch version)
  • feat for new features (minor version)

Other subjects (such as chore) will not cause a new release unless the commit footer starts with BREAKING CHANGE: (followed by an explanation of the breaking change).

Commits that introduce a breaking change should start with feat!: and include the BREAKING CHANGE: footer. Breaking changes will cause a major version increase.

Note: The precommit hooks will prevent commits that don’t have the required tag prefixed to the message

Versioning happens automatically when a feature branch gets merged into main. semantic-release is employed to calculate the new version number by running through all the new commits and their commit message tag. Once the new version is calculated, it updates the package.json and automatically updates the Then it proceeds to publish the new version both in GitHub and npm.

Note: Once a branch gets merged into main, it is automatically published, therefore main always needs to be in a pristine state. For that reason, following the GitFlow model, all work needs to happen into a branch, and main is locked


  • To ensure that each version is marked clearly and can be consumed without any issues
  • To reduce the amount of manual effort required to publish a new version
  • To help enforce the selected standards and frameworks, and reduce the room for human error


  • Semantic-release
  • Plugins:
    • @semantic-release/commit-analyzer - checks commits messages for the required tags
    • @semantic-release/release-notes-generator - creates/updates the release notes
    • @semantic-release/npm - publishes version to npm
    • @semantic-release/github - publishes version to GitHub Releases
  • husky - precommit hook to prevent incomplete commit messages