Stitches is our styling library of choice. It leans on modern CSS best practices, has near-zero runtime, and provides a great developer experience

To read about Stitches in more depth you can refer to the official documentation, the information provided here is mainly focused on the choices we made to configure Stitches for the component library.

@atom-learning/components exports not only a collection of React components built with Stitches but also the full Stitches library to allow full use of styled() and other related methods. This enables you to write more complex components with variants, typed tokens, descendant selectors, keyframe animations and more, some of which are unavailable when using css.

When creating a new component alongside the component library we strongly recommend that you utilise the styled() function to maintain a consistent component API. This will automatically provide as and css to the user without any extra configuration, in a way that <Box /> or another generic layout component wouldn’t.

Media Queries / Conditions

Stitches also has responsive styles built into its API, we've provided an initial set of mobile-first breakpoints alongside feature queries like prefers-reduced-motion.

export const conditions = {
sm: '(min-width: 550px)',
md: '(min-width: 800px)',
lg: '(min-width: 1100px)',
xl: '(min-width: 1350px)',
reducedMotion: '(prefers-reduced-motion)',
hover: '(hover: hover)'

You can use these in styled() or css by prefixing the key with @, e.g. @reducedMotion or @xl

const Section = styled('section', {
margin: '$1',
padding: '$2',
'@md': {
margin: '$2',
padding: '$3'
color: '$tonal300',
'@md': { color: '$primary' },
'@lg': { color: '$primaryDark' }
Hello World

You can also use them to switch variants

// change the 'theme' to 'success' when you trigger the 'md' breakpoint
'@initial': 'primary',
'@md': 'success'
// change the 'size' to 'md' when you trigger the 'sm' breakpoint
size: {{
'@initial': 'sm',
'@sm': 'md'
Click me

Read more about responsive styling on the Stitches docs


Stitches enables you to create shorthand utilities to improve the CSS authoring experience within styled() or css. We have provided an initial set of utilities that should be a useful starting point when composing components with a need to provide contextual layout or styles.

A quick example using bg and size to create a little blue square.

<Box css={{ bg: '$primary', size: 100 }} />

The full list of utilities can be found in the component library source